Monday, April 19, 2010

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I - What are and what they

Home Networking - What are and what they
Home Networking II - Basics III
Home Networking - Storage Networking Home Networking
IV - Network Print

home networks consist of interconnected computing devices in different our home, to work with them.

Many of us have a home network in our house, although we are not aware of it. The simplest example is when we have an ADSL router connected to a computer to surf the Internet. These two devices, in most cases are inherently a network in our home.

The concept of home network includes an important idea, which can connect different devices and access them all, for example we can add to our network of ADSL router and a computer, a second laptop and share files between them, then we have a network hard drive to save data to view from any computer, including connecting to a TV, we can also add a printer that can print from any computer and we can add many more.

may sound like science fiction that's assemble our network at home, but thanks to a lot of manufacturers are methods simplify device configuration, is a reality that does not require large computer skills (you may need more patience than anything else)

Throughout the various articles of the series will try to explain the basic concepts we need to know to know where to shoot when configuring your network.


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